Priorities, Hibernation and Twitter

To the few readers of this blog,

I have an important task ahead of me that requires most of my attention, time and energy. That is, completing my PhD will need to be my priority for the next 6 months or more.

Few people are likely to miss my already infrequent posts, but they are likely to become more infrequent. Once my PhD is complete, I hope to embark on some larger projects, posting on the philosophy of mind, the meaning of life, and artificial general intelligence. I will still try to read the posts of other bloggers and comment when possible.

In the meantime, I take public transport, so I may use this time to take up tweeting with more frequency. Sometimes I will tweet links to interesting articles, but I also hope to start tweeting some of my ideas and thoughts.

Questions and comments are still welcome on my blog, but responses may be slow.

[smiley face]

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