Website Revival and New Approach to Developing Content

It has been a long time since the last blog post was published on this website. That hasn’t been for a lack of ideas to write about. It is time to revive this website and try to express and test these ideas and hopefully receive some feedback.

The presentation and development of the website content may be more suited to a persistent webpage format rather than the episodic style typical of blog posts. The current plan is to trial a different process for developing this content:

  1. The main content of this website will be permanent pages that undergo progressive development.
  2. The blog will document this development.

Place-holders for an initial set of pages have been created that will be developed to contain writing on philosophical ideas on a variety of topics:

The next step in the development of these pages will be to update them with a summary of key ideas. Later updates will work on presenting explanations and logical arguments for these ideas.

Feedback is welcome.

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