Meaning, Value and Life: Contents

Writing the summary of the Meaning, Value and Life webpage has been difficult to complete. This may be because starting with a summary may be likened to putting the cart before the horse. Finding an effective approach to writing content is an ongoing goal in the development of this website.

Rather than start with a summary, an attempt has been made to draft the section headings of the webpage. The next step will be to fill in the sections with outlines of their contents. These outlines will gradually be replaced with detailed prose.

The section headings and their contents will continue to be subject to revision in the likely event that writing them reveals a clearer and more concise approach to explaining the ideas or, perhaps more likely, making these thoughts precise in writing reveals important gaps. Nevertheless, the list below provides an indication of the future contents of this webpage. The current section headings for the Meaning, Value and Life are as follows:

0. Summary

1. Meaning

This section will explore the concept of “meaning”.

1.1. Usage of “Meaning”

The usage of the word “meaning” will be discussed.

1.2. Examples of Meaning

Things that have meaning will be discussed.

1.3. The Existence of Meaning

When does something have meaning? When does something cease to have meaning? Exploring these questions will provide insights into the nature of meaning.

1.4. Interpretation

The act of interpretation and the importance of interpreters in the existence of meaning will be discussed.

1.5. A Definition of Meaning

From these points a definition of “meaning” will be proposed.

2. Value

This section will explore the concept of “value”.

2.1. Usage of “Value”

The word “value” has many uses. These will be discussed and uses of particular interest will be highlighted.

2.2. Examples of Value

What things have value? What actions are valuable? What are values? Examples of value will be discussed.

2.3. Impetus for Action

The relationship of value to action will be discussed.

2.4. The Existence of Value

How does something acquire value? When does something lose value? The conditions that are necessary for existence of value are discussed.

2.5. A Definition of Value

These discussions lead to a proposal for a definition of “value”.

3. Life

This section will explore the concept “life”.

3.1. Usage of “Life”

The word “life” may have fewer uses but the term is somewhat nebulous.

3.2. Examples of Life

Examples of what is considered to be living provide insights into the necessary conditions for what should be considered alive.

3.3. Alive

The examples of life highlight entities that are on the fringe of being considered alive. When does something qualify as being alive? When does something no longer qualify as alive? This discussion will further dissect the usage of the terms “life” and “alive”.

3.4. The Value of Creating Meaning

Value and action are related to the acts of interpretation and creation that are intrinsic to life.

3.5. A Definition of Life

In conclusion, a definition and meaning of “life” is proposed.


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